What Makes Backstage Pass Unique

What makes Backstage Pass unique?
  •     – We follow a mentor-based approach that connects the students with industry experts who are a source of knowledge, experience, inspiration and trust.
  •     – We impart practical, hands-on training in addition to academic excellence that gives the students an edge that is critical to get a job in the current competitive environment.
  •     – We offer programmes that are not only current but also flexible and evolve with the ever-changing needs of the industry.
  •     – We provide state-of-the-art facilities that expose the students to the fast-paced game studio environment.
  •     – We provide a liberal environment for students to help them explore their creativity and be able to develop and implement their ideas into real games. We have an in-house incubation centre called Level2 on our campus.
  •     – We support the students to participate in game competitions conducted in India and abroad.
We provide merit scholarships to students to make education more accessible so that they can begin their journey in the field of gaming.