Advanced Diploma in Game Development

(Unity Game Development - LIVE ONLINE & INTERACTIVE)

  • Expertly crafted curriculum takes you from beginner to pro.
  • Easy-to-grasp concepts and practical teaching methods ensure engagement and skill reinforcement.

Eligibility & Ideal For

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Individuals with 10+2 education or relevant education
  • Individuals with any degree & passion for gaming
  • Working professionals

Ideal for:

  • Aspiring Game Developers
  • Programmers
  • Computer Science Graduates
  • Gaming Enthusiasts

Course Highlights & Excellence

Course Highlights

  • Gain direct insights from industry experts
  • Improve your learning through hands-on experiments via assignments
  • Develop the portfolio with pro-level games
  • Attain expert-level skills with the tool

Our Academic Excellence

  • 13+ Years of academic excellence in Gaming Education
  • Recognition with 10+ awards for quality education
  • 25+ student games awards
  • 100% Placements and Internships (T&C Apply)
  • 100+ Hiring Partners
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Course Fee & Course Details

Monday to Friday – 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Saturday – 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Program Duration
9 Months + 3 Months Internship

Learning Format
Live Online Interactive Classes

Batch Details
April 2024, June 2024, August 2024

Total Program Fee

2,50,000 INR 1,87,500 INR (All Inclusive) - Only for 10 Early Enrollers!

Special Offer

  • Last date of offer is April 6th, 2024

Bonus Included



  • Level Design
  • Monetisation
  • Game Design Document

Course Curriculum

Foundation Programming: C++ Programming Language

  • Features of Object-Oriented Programming Concepts, Compilation process, Flow control statements, Loop control statements, Arrays, Strings , Pointers, Functions, Classes & Objects, Inheritance,Polymorphism, Templates.

Foundation Programming: C# Programming Language

  • Enhanced features of C#, Classes, Objects,Abstract, Interfaces, Inheritance,Polymorphism, Events and Delegates, Lambda expressions, File handling, Exception handling, Collections and Generic Collections.

Graphics Programming: Game Engine Architecture

  • Explore the basics of modern computer graphics, delving into OpenGL and the architectural foundations of game engines, Introduction to ShaderLanguage(GLSL), Basics of Shader programming.

Game Engine Programming: Unity Basic

  • Introduction to Unity Game Engine, UI components, Input System, Camera, Basics of Mecanim Animation, 2D Physics System (Colliders, Rigid body, Joints), 2D lighting system, Audio Source, Audio Listener, Audio Mixer.

Game Engine Programming: Unity Advanced

  • Unity AI Navigation System, Cinemachine, Timeline, Render pipeline, Post processing effects, Textures and materials, Lighting and backing, Light probes, Mecanim Animation System (State machines, Blend trees), Physics System (Colliders,Rigid body,Ray cast, Joints System), Optimization Techniques, Particle System, Terrain Editor.
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Portfolio & Takeaways


  • Know Optimization Techniques and enhance game performance.
  • Version Management for efficient project tracking.
  • Publishing of Game to understand the process of making a game accessible to a wider audience.
  • Incorporation of Ads in Games and learn strategies for integrating ads within games.
  • Professional Game Project Work to gain insights into working on game projects in a professional manner.

Takeaways by the end of the program

  • Earn a program completion certificate from Backstage Pass and Lincoln University College
  • Develop games for multiple genres and platforms
  • Gain practical experience in game development
  • Get complete knowledge of the development life cycle
  • Attain expert-level knowledge of the Unity3D game engine for game development
  • Gather technical insights about commercially successful games and learn the strategies to apply them in your own game

Students Games

Our Alumni Work At

Career Opportunities

Game Engine Programmer

A Game Engine Programmer designs, codes, and optimizes the software framework that drives video games. They focus on graphics, physics, and networking, collaborating with other teams for seamless integration. Their role includes debugging, performance optimization, and adapting the game engine to various platforms, ensuring stability and efficiency.

Unity Developer

A Unity Developer utilizes the Unity game development engine to create interactive and visually engaging experiences. They design and implement game functionalities, collaborate with design teams, and use scripting languages like C# to build immersive gaming experiences. Unity Developers troubleshoot and optimize code for seamless performance across various platforms.

Unity Programmer

Unity Programmers code and script functionalities in the Unity game development engine, translating design concepts into interactive features. They collaborate with designers, using languages like C# to implement game mechanics and user interfaces. Responsibilities include debugging, optimizing code for performance, and adapting applications for various platforms, contributing to the success of Unity-based projects

Entry Level: 3 to 6 LPA

Intermediate: 6 to 14 LPA

Senior Level: 12 to 30 LPA

Note: Please note that the salary ranges provided for the mentioned job positions are intended to offer a general understanding of market standards and may vary depending on the company.

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Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Entrepreneurial journey

  • With Unity Game Development skills, you can start your own game studio, creating and publishing games. You can also choose to be an indie game developer and explore opportunities in education, freelancing, or consultancy, using your Unity expertise. Whether launching mobile games, offering quality assurance, or leading virtual events, a unity game development program gives you the tools to turn your passion into a successful game development venture.

Financial Assistance

  • Partnered with Fee Monk & IDFC First Bank for 0% interest finance with no hidden costs

Alumni Testimonials

Backstage Pass is the first of its kind of gaming college in India with some great industry experts. I had the joy of learning from the people who work in the game industry and was taught about the working of the game industry that helped me a lot while working at EA Sports. So, Backstage Pass was a life-changing experience.

Anshul Soni Software Engineer
EA Sports, Seattle, USA

From being a student in the first batch of Backstage Pass to being a mentor later, I have seen BSP grow from a small ambitious game development and design institute to a full-fledged gaming college. With the game industry’s continued growth and future potential, I’m certain they’re on the right track to impart the right knowledge and skills to produce competent professionals.

Sushil George Sr. Game Developer
Product Madness, London, U.K

Backstage Pass brings the like-minded game enthusiasts under a single roof. The courses in game development and design are custom tailored to meet the requirements of the game industry and I feel it is the right place to start, for a successful career in the game industry.

Jithin Peter Technical Director – Game Development
Sumo Digital, Bengaluru


Mr. Niraj Sangani is a visionary with a knack for crafting Game of the Year experiences. Over the past decade, he's designed, shipped, and maintained 13+ games across PC, Mobile, AR/VR, and Theme Parks. Niraj's stellar career includes collaborations with industry giants like Zynga, Gear Inc, and JetSynthesys, contributing to iconic titles such as Ghostbusters, Night at the Museum, and WWE. With a passion for making the world happier, one player at a time, Niraj invites you to join him in creating exceptional video games and spreading joy.

Niraj Sangani

Lead Game Designer at Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming

Sundheep Sambaraju, a seasoned Game Designer with six years of diverse experience at Richflair Studios, Playwhiz Games, Flick Games, and Juego Studios, is renowned for his detail-oriented approach and vast knowledge. Now serving as a Senior Game Design Mentor at Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming, Sundheep excels in delivering top-tier design execution and enhancing gameplay experiences. His meticulous attention to detail not only makes him a standout in the industry but also ensures he's an invaluable mentor at Backstage Pass, where he guides and inspires aspiring game designers.

Sundheep Sambaraju

Senior Game Designer Faculty at Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming

Sandeep Salimeda is a dedicated game developer renowned for his expertise in writing efficient, clean code that enhances a game’s performance. With a strong passion for learning and proficiency in technologies such as OpenGL, C++, C#, and Unity 3D, Sandeep stays updated with industry advancements, continually introducing innovative solutions to his projects. His extensive experience encompasses the development of various game projects from inception, underscoring his ability to deliver high-quality and innovative gaming experiences.

Sandeep Salimeda

Game Developer at Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming

With a background as a Game Developer and over 8 years of rich experience in the gaming industry Sandeep has collaborated with esteemed companies such as TapNext Studios, Nextwave Multimedia, and Supernova Games. His extensive tenure in the field has equipped him with valuable insights and skills that he now imparts to aspiring game developers at Backstage Pass. Sandeep's dedication to nurturing talent and sharing his industry expertise makes him a valuable mentor in shaping the future of aspiring game developers.

Sandeep D

Assistant Professor at Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming

Why Unity Development Course?

The 2024 Unity Industry Trends Report highlights the constant evolution of technology and the ongoing demand for Unity developers in gaming. This diploma equips you with essential skills like C++, C#, and OpenGL (Graphics Programming), ensuring you're well-prepared for a dynamic career in game development. With organizations adapting to new processes, this program becomes a key investment for those wanting to thrive in the ever-growing gaming industry.


  • Our Placement officer will get in touch with you during the end of the program to help you get placed in top game companies in India.
  • 100% Placement Support & Access to job board.
  • Placement leads to position such as Gameplay programmer, Game engine programmer, Unity developer, Graphics programmer, Game developer, Game designer, Level designer.

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