Game development demands creativity and understanding of user needs

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Are You Game?

The game, ‘Picto’ has won the 2nd prize in Games Category in the National Finals of Microsoft Imagine Cup India 2015. The game, which depicts domestic violence of children, was developed by students of ‘Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology’, Asar Dhandala-the game designer and Aman Agnihotri- the game programmer.

The other team members are-Pratim Basu, an artist and Vishesh Chopra, a writer. Imagine Cup National Finals competitions held in dozens of countries all over the world. Organized by Microsoft subsidiaries in those countries, the National Finals select the best teams from that country who then enter the World Semifinals.

Domestic violence is the concept that Picto tries to convey. It depicts the journey of a boy who lives in such a situation. The circumstances he goes through, the troubled nature he develops and how it affects his way of seeing the world itself. Picto portrays the repercussions of domestic violence on the mind-set of children. It tries to convey this through its artistic visuals, story and simplistic game play. The biggest impact of domestic violence happens in the lives of the children who have to live through it. By raising kids that thrive mentally and socially, society can see a huge positive change. Conveying a story by means of pictures is what Picto is about.

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