“Backstage Pass”-The School of Gaming has been launched in Hyderabad.

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“Backstage Pass”, a premier institute in the field of Game Development Training has been launched in Hyderabad. The institute imparts interactive training through dedicated tutors and innovative methodologies. It aims to provide a constant sully of quality manpower to the growing game development industry.

Backstage Pass offers specialized courses in Game development, Design and Art. Here, ambitious students get enough hands-on practice at the same time get a unique chance to learn newer techniques in improving their creative skills and develop their own games. By providing this unique chance to explore Indian talent, Backstage Pass encourages people towards the gaming industry by carving their future.

Speaking on the occasion of its launch, Mr. Ramesh Subramanian, Chief Strategist, Backstage Pass went on to say that, “The game development industry is growing heavily on a global level but there is a shortage of quality professionals who can be directly recruited into the industry and Backstage Pass plans to resolve it by creating industry ready professionals through its unique curriculum which gives the student a hands on experience on developing games and excellent mentoring from industry professionals themselves.

Backstage Pass is an institute which is being nurtured by some of the best professionals in the Industry. Mr. Jim Edwards, a person who has been involved in the production of games like Grand Turismo 4 and the God father has taken the reins of being the Chief Mentor of Backstage Pass and his company Guesthouse games is also closely associated with the institute.

Backstage Pass gives youth a chance to showcase their ability in gaming industry. It provides a new and huge platform to make a shining career in the world of games. It has all the characteristics to succeed and take India to the world.

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