Game Art

( Duration: 1 week)

Oct, 2019
Weekend Advanced Diploma course has been newly introduced to provide an opportunity for students, working professionals and any interested individuals to procure a degree by attending classes only over the weekends.
Advanced Diploma in Game Art & Design is designed to develop advanced skills in 2D & 3D asset creation, modeling & texturing environments, digital sculpting, props, vehicles, characters, game design, production pipeline, game mechanics, game design documentation, pre-production for games, post production for games and level design, all for building the next-gen games. Each of these focus areas is taught based on the workflow processes found at professional game companies.


Advanced Diploma in Game Development helps students to qualify for positions such as game programmer, artificial intelligence programmer, gameplay programmer, graphics programmer, UI programmer and game tools programmer, game designer and level designer.
Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune


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Time: 1 week

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