Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Computer Science & Game Development

(Duration: 4 years)

May, 2019

Bachelor’s in Computer Science & Game Development

We offer an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in game design and game programming called BS (Honours) – Computer Science and Game Development programme.The curriculum includes computer science, game design, and game programming, in addition to the regular engineering subjects such as mathematics, physics and humanities.

The program prepares you for successful careers in the IT sector as well as game development.

On completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate technical knowledge and the skills necessary for game development
  • Appreciate the aesthetics of design and its importance in the world of technology and game development
  • Apply virtualisation to game development
  • Understand how the current methodologies of game development projects influence game development
  • Acquire and use the knowledge of best practices in game development
  • Harness the attitudes that make you successful in later years


The curriculum is crafted with a core Computer Science foundation to prepare students for various computing fields and employment in software engineering and game development. More specifically, you will be the ideal recruit for the roles of a game developer, game programmer, game designer and so on.

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Time: 4 minutes

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