Bachelor of Arts (Hons) – Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

(Duration: 4 years)

Feb, 2019

Bachelor’s in Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

We offer an interdisciplinary bachelor’s programme in AR & VR. As a student of the Bachelor’s in augmented reality and virtual reality (AR & VR), you will learn game design, image processing, digital design, sculpting, 3D design and modelling, 3D art, concept art, character setup and skinning, look development, lighting and rendering, sound and video editing, character animation, 3D asset integration, use of AR, VR and mixed reality technology, haptics technology, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), prototyping, scripting, creative problem solving, critical reflection, and so on.

The curriculum also includes programming concepts such as computer programming fundamentals, game engines, game and engine programming, creating User Interface (UI) tools, and application development for AR and VR.

Upon course completion, you will be able to apply the knowledge and technical and creative skills in a range of augmented and virtual reality situations to create the most stimulating games:

  • Demonstrate technical knowledge and skills for game development that combines AR and VR
  • Appreciate the aesthetics of design and its importance in game development
  • Develop 3D art assets
  • Create content for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications through programming skills
  • Understand data types and manipulation patterns to represent virtual spaces
  • Present the virtual world using computer graphics and other forms of output
  • Use the tools and platforms used to design and develop AR and VR applications
  • Apply the interactive and cognitive functions of VR and AR systems to the design and development of assets for these systems
  • Communicate technical and creative ideas in the computer-mediated reality discipline to others
  • Use mobile platforms and peripherals to create AR and VR applications

Career Opportunities

On completing the programme successfully, you will pursue careers in augmented reality game design, virtual reality game design, augmented reality application development, virtual reality application development, interaction design, 3D art, AR and VR Unity Development, and so on.

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Time: 4 minutes

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