A degree in Game Design and Development is a passport for students to enter the world of Gaming. The comprehensive course at Backstage Pass gives students first-hand-experience in designing and creating games,
thus helping them prepare for a challenging environment in the Game Industry in India or abroad.

There are diverse career opportunities for students of Backstage Pass, once they graduate from the Institute. The different career paths available for students in Game Industry include:
Game Designer

As a Game Designer, it is your responsibility to see how you can make the game fun and interesting to play. Any game is a brainchild and vision of the game designer and he decides what the game will be about. As a Game Designer you can either make or break the game concept. You will have to design the various levels, characters and user interface.

Game Developer

The main task of Game Developers who are also known as specialized Software Developers is to create and design the plan of the game which includes the theme, missions, the rules and the game play.

Game Artist

As a Game Artist, it will be your responsibility to create the virtual reality elements of the game and make games come to life visually. Game Artists can also be classified as concept artist, 2D/ 3D artists, character animators, texture artists etc.

Game Programmer

Game Programmers are Software Engineers or Programmers who are responsible to handle the programming aspects of the game. It is the Game Programmers’ task to design and develop the code for the functioning of the video games and they work with the design team to implement its vision for the final game product.

Game Writer

Game Writers are responsible for the documentation and instructions that go along with the game. Game Writers create the story the game is based upon and write dialogue for the characters.

Game Testers

Game Testers are responsible of quality assurance, finding mistakes, bugs and other problems in the game. To ensure outstanding user experience, Game Testers test through the swiftness of the game while it is still in development and when it is completed.

At Backstage Pass, the capabilities of our students help them earn internships in the third year of their course. This gives them the perfect opportunity to work in an industry environment and learn production techniques of the Gaming Industry.

Our students gain wider scope of opportunities by graduating from Backstage Pass because besides getting rewarded a B.Tech degree, they also have specialization in Gaming. Hence, the students can either opt to join Computer Science field or Gaming field for employment or further education in India or abroad.