About Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology is India’s leading professional college offering bachelor’s and advanced diploma courses in game development, game programming, game art & game design and augmented reality & virtual reality.

Our Journey

In 2010, we started with 8 students. Today, we are a proud institution where 300+ student gamers congregate every day to learn, explore, and create gaming experiences.
We are India’s only institution that has been teaching gaming for about a decade now.

The Evolution of Our Collaborations

We started our collaboration with JNAFAU long ago. Starting in 2019, another mighty partner Lincoln University College, Malaysia, collaborated with us.

The Expansion of Footprint

For 9 long years, we operated from Hyderabad. In 2019, we established 2 more campuses, Bengaluru and Pune.

Our interdisciplinary programmes prepare students for a successful career in the gaming industry.

Holistic Education in Gaming

We are the only gaming college in India to provide practical and application-oriented skills in game art, game design and game programming.

We offer a liberal environment to students to help them explore their creativity and be able to develop and implement their ideas into real games.

We Don’t Teach We Mentor

Yes, that is our methodology to enable students to acquire the multi-faceted talents required for the gaming industry. While giving a firm grounding in academics, we ask students to use their creativity to learn from mentors. It is this freedom that our students value the most.

World-class Mentors

Chosen based on their expertise and experience in developing games, mentors play an important role in the students’ learning experience. They support the students to enter the gaming industry confidently.

Qualified Mentors

While their academic qualifications, teaching credentials matter, we choose mentors who have the relevant industry experience.

Curriculum Matches the Industry Needs

Develop and maintain programmes that help students quickly transition into the gaming industry. We evolve the course structure every year to align our curriculum with the needs of the game industry.

Association with Game Companies

Game companies such as Purple Talk, Sumo Video Games, EA Sports, Gameshastra, Gamitronics, Streetlamp Games, Sony India, Dhruva Interactive, GoLive Games, YesGnome, Glu Mobile, [x]cube Labs, Hitwicket, Ubisoft, and so on recruit our students as interns and employees.

They also organise seminars, workshops, and company tours for our students.

The interaction with the industry always leaves a profoundly positive impact on the young and aspiring minds.

Backstage Pass Students are Prepared to Take on the World

Internship opportunities are available for our students in the third year of their bachelor’s degree programme. Students who pursue internships gain 1.5 years of work experience by the end of the fourth year.

Funding Games

At Backstage Pass, we encourage and promote student games by funding the most creative games designed and developed by the students. We also help the students to showcase these games at
competitions in India and abroad. Here are some of our award-winning student games

Alumni Relations

We stay in touch with alumni. We help our current students to reach out to the alumni for mentoring and refer our alumni to game companies for recruitment.


Surya has over 17 years of experience in animation, visual effects and game development. In his long career, he worked as Character Animator at Firefly Creative Studios and Lead 3D Artist at Innova Solutions.

Surya was a Character Animator for the film titled Anji that won the National Award for Best Visual Effects. He also worked as Lead for developing game art assets and documentaries for the History Channel and visual effects for several projects, including a project that was screened at Cannes in 2007.

When he needed to hire, he could hardly find candidates with the right skillsets. This made him think through the resource scarcity and led him to start Backstage Pass in 2010. Since its establishment, Backstage Pass has come to be known as the best technical institution for learning Game Design and Development in India.

With an eye for quality and sophistication, Surya chooses and works with the best talent from the gaming industry. He is always on the lookout for top game artists, game designers, game developers, and other specialists to join Backstage Pass as mentors to share their knowledge and experience with students.

His constant endeavours have brought him wide recognition. He is the winner of the Times Education Icon award in the Gaming category for two consecutive years, 2017 and 2018-19.

He envisages Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming and Technology as the top gaming college in India that creates the best talent in game art, game design, and game development to meet the growing needs of the gaming industry.