Backstage Pass is one of the leading gaming colleges in India. With the experienced faculty from the Industry, Backstage Pass has been successful in producing the best talent which the industry is looking for & also in helping students to develop games which had won awards in India& abroad.


Backstage Pass is India’s leading professional college established in the Gaming Industry Environment. Our institute is committed to foster academic growth, instil creativity and technical skills in our students so that they become Professional Game Designers, Game Artists, Game Programmers and Game Producers in wake of substantial demand from the Gaming Industry.

Our institute which is deemed as one of the top gaming academy in Hyderabad was established in the year 2010 with the vision to impart comprehensive training to students through our dedicated mentors and with innovative learning methodology.

Our state-of-the-art facility and accomplished faculty will ensure that students gain remarkable knowledge in Game Design, Game Art and Game Programming in the most effective manner.

Our students acquire skills in all areas of Game Development. With the right tools and hands-on-training opportunities they become experts in conceiving the idea, to build the game design and required art, code it to implement the final game and at last publishing it. Students with strong technical skills are given opportunities to get creative and come out with original designs. Those with inherent creativity are nurtured with focused technical training.

At Backstage Pass, we understand that there is a growing demand for gaming professionals; therefore we are dedicated to offer our students a holistic learning experience that prepares them to become an integral part of the gaming industry for life.
Backstage Pass is an institution dedicated to providing career-focused graduate and certificate programs to the students and for working professionals to prepare them with the knowledge, skills, and credentials needed to launch, enhance, or change careers in the Gaming Industry. These programs are designed to empower students to pursue their individual career goals.

Our aim is to nurture students into world-class game artists, designers and programmers keeping in line with the fundamental principles of learning, such as hard work,open-minded creativity, excellence and confidence in oneself and in the team.
In order to fulfil its mission,
the Backstage Pass strives to meet the following objectives: