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We are India’s leading professional college in Game Art, Design and Development.

We are committed to foster academic excellence and creativity and instill technical skills in our students to help them become the finest Game Designers, Game Artists, Game Programmers and Game Producers and glorious contributors to the Game Industry’s growth story.

Game Industry Trusts Backstage Pass
India has a vibrant game industry. The industry bigwigs trust us for the quality of human resources. Employees from the industry trust us for continuing education. Students trust us for launching them into new  careers paths at home and abroad.
Why Backstage Pass


A strong industry connect with 35+ national and international game companies ensures that our students are conversant with the industry norms and are industry-ready on graduation.

Learning through Building Games

An integrated approach to learning through developing games.

Recognition has Many Forms

Backstage Pass is known for its pedagogy that creates students who aspire for excellence in all fields of game development.
Going to Backstage Pass for recruitment marks a massive leap in the quality of human resources. Their students are industry-ready in every way. They are ready to be deployed. We don’t need to train them. We don’t need to fine-tune them. This is a big thing. In Hyderabad, there are about 40 to 50 institutes that teach game development and animation. Among them, Backstage Pass is the only college exclusively dedicated to game development and game art & design.
Rajat Ojha CEO, Gamitronics
Going to any institute and studying game development for 3 months is not the same as studying at Backstage Pass. In a couple of months, a student can pick up some principles. Whereas, at Backstage Pass, students draw and sculpt for a whole year. When they take up digital art in the next year, their drawing and sculpting capabilities bring characters to life in both seen and unseen ways.
Sridhar Muppidi CEO, YesGnome & Cofounder, PurpleTalk
Some of our best employees are from Backstage Pass.
Ravi Kiran Golive Gaming Solutions

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