Diploma in Game Development

The program is designed to take the students through the advanced computer programming, game-play, Graphics, physics, Game Engines and Artificial Intelligence, and collaborate with a team of like-minded students to develop a complete game.

The students opting for this course are required to have strong Knowledge in C

Diploma in Game Development
1 Year
10+2/Equivalent Course
Course Fee

Diploma in Game Development will provide students with remarkable knowledge and understanding of game development which in turn will help them to qualify for entry level positions as Game programmer, artificial intelligence programmer, Game play programmer, Graphics programmer, UI programmer and Game Tools programmer.

Area of Focus
  1. Game Genres and History of Games
  2. Game Design and Production Pipeline
  3. C Programming Language and Data Structures
  4. C++ Programming Language
  5. Adv. C++ & STL
  1. C# Programming
  2. Introduction to Game Engines
  3. Game Engine Programming( Unity 3D )
  4. Graphic Programming( Open GL / DirectX )
  5. Final Project Creation
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