Bachelor of Technology
(Computer Science & Game Developement)

We offer an interdisciplinary program taught by academic and industry professionals preparing the students for a successful career in the Video, Computer and Mobile Games Industry. We empower our students through active partnership with the Entertainment Industry on a regular basis.

This program is intended specifically for students that aspire to hold careers within the professional gaming industry. The goal is to produce graduates that understand the technical requirements, the creative application of Game Development, and the way in which the industry operates.

Bachelor of Technology
4 Years
10+2 (M.P.C)/Equivalent
Course Fee

At the same time, the curriculum is crafted to provide students with a core Computer Science Education that will prepare them for graduate study in a number of computing fields, and employment in more general computing professions.
B.Tech. (Computer Science and Game Development) is a program of study that allows students to explore the Computer Science Subjects disciplines while exposing students to the game development processes through involvement in topics such as Game Design, Game Art, Game Programming, Game Quality Assurance and Game Project Management.

The program is a 4 year under graduate program in which students complete a core of required course work while pursuing additional course work in humanities, maths and physics in keeping with the traditional university degree.

Area of Focus
  1. Computer Science
  2. Programming Languages
  3. Programming for Games
  4. Windows Programming
  5. Graphics (DirectX / Open GL)
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  1. Game Engines
  2. Game Networking
  3. Gameplay Programming
  4. Game Planning & Architecture
  5. Game Art & Design
  6. Final Project Creation
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