Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture & Fine Arts University is a Premier University in Hyderabad and it imparts high quality education in the field of Architecture, Fine Arts & Design, and Visual Communication. The University would like to diversify in to areas of Gaming, Media, Entertainment, etc.

Collaboration with JNAFAU
Backstage Pass being a leading organization in the field of Gaming Industry has embarked on the undertaking to initiate educational pursuits for students so that they become Professional Game Designers, Game Artists, Game Programmers and Game producers in wake of substantial demand from the Gaming industry.

Thus JNAFAU and Backstage Pass Collaborated together with the Concept of ‘Industry Institutional partnership’ to support the multifaceted needs of the Gaming Industry with the following 4 year Degree Courses and 1 year Diploma Courses.
  Certificate Course
   Game Development
Association with Game companies
In our efforts to provide the best education to our students and secure their future in the gaming field, Backstage Pass actively participates in associating with Game Companies to provide Industry Tours, Seminars and Guest Lectures to our students, thus giving them the platform to interact with industry experts.

At Backstage Pass, we believe in the development of friendly cooperation between Game Companies and us in accordance with our mutual interests in developing programs of academic and scholarly exchanges, providing job opportunities and Internships to students. We have established a long term mutually beneficial association with Game Companies such as Purple Talk, Xcube Labs, YesGnome, Roach interactive, etc.